9 Key Considerations when choosing your Aseptic Connection or Disconnection

When it comes to connecting and disconnecting tubing in an aseptic manner, there are two options to choose – connectors or machines?

For connectors; there is a choice between gendered or genderless, also deciding which manufacturer to use? When using welders and sealers, again, the decision to make is which to use?

Within this series of posts, we will look at each of the methods in more detail, helping you to make informed decisions.

Where to start?

Before deciding which method or which manufacturers units to opt for, the start point, is to focus on the process itself, not the array of different solutions. Many users, especially those with global single source contracts are presented with simply the preferred option for the vendor. On many occasions, the only options presented are those the vendor wishes to promote, rather than the best solution for the application.


Simplify your process

Too often, users are being asked to adapt their process to meet the needs of the product offered. Whilst there could be a solution available which better fits the existing or desired method of processing.
By gathering information about the application, from the type of tubing, to purpose of the process, we can determine what is needed.

We consider these questions, to better understand your needs and recommend the best fit solution.

  • Do I want to connect, disconnect or both?
  • What am I connecting to, disconnecting from?
  • What type of tubing am I using? Platinum-cured silicone, TPE…
  • What size tubing do I need to use?
  • How critical is the time it takes to make the connection/disconnection?
  • How many times do I want to make that connection/disconnection?
  • Do I need to make the connection/disconnection at the same point on every tube set?
  • Is there easy access to the process, at the point where I need to make the connection/disconnection?
  • Commercially which is the best option, taking into consideration ease of use and whole life cost?


In our next post in this series, we investigate these parameters further and look at the pros and cons of each method. Hopefully helping you to decide which way to go in the future.


BioPharma Dynamics are a solutions provider, bucking the current trend to move away from custom solutions. We believe the customer’s process is the start point to determine the right solution, from there we determine with the end user if that custom solution is commercially viable. Our lead times and minimum order quantities vary little between our standard offerings and custom options. Through a refreshing open architecture and no ties to a limited manufacturer’s range, we are able to assemble an array of options to fit customer requirements. Of course, a standard solution which matches the process, is always our start point.

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