Cryopreservation – Ensuring cell viability when freezing cell cultures

Ensuring complete control is vital when you are working with cell culture. A viable cell culture is a valuable resource and freezing them can ensure they are preserved for future use. However the task of freezing cell cultures (cryopreservation) can come with its own set of challenges. Let’s take a closer look at these hurdles and how we can overcome them, to ensure cell viability during cryopreservation.

Single-Use Beta Bags – How to move components into sterile environments

Ensuring product is free from contamination is critical in any aseptic manufacturing process. Whether working with sterile API formulation and production or sterile fluid transfer and aseptic filling – in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, sterility must be maintained at every step to ensure the final product is contaminant-free. Therefore, in a single-use process environment, how do […]

Aseptic transfer made simple – BioPharma Dynamics appointed UK distribution partner for CRL’s isolator transfer systems

BioPharma Dynamics are pleased to enhance their product offering to include the market-leading range of isolation transfer technology from Central Research Laboratories (CRL).  As a leading solutions provider to the UK’s life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, BioPharma Dynamics are proud to announce a new partnership with Central Research Laboratories (CRL), as distributor of their expert […]

What is Tangential Flow Filtration and how can it benefit your process?

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), also known as crossflow filtration, is a quick and reliable method for separation and purification of media in biopharmaceutical processes. Tangential flow filtration is commonly used in concentration and diafiltration processes. In contrast to other forms of filtration, which media is passed through a membrane, as the name ‘cross-flow’ indicates, media […]

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