3 Key Points to Consider about Temperature Control in your Process

Keeping your process under control is essential. With the investment and hard work put into any process, why risk the safety and effectiveness of an end product from poor temperature control?   Temperature monitoring and control devices are an integral part of any laboratory within the pharmaceutical sector. However many people still underestimate the importance of having […]

Can Distribution Partners offer a secure Single-Use Supply Chain?

When considering single-use solutions there are many different variables to consider, such as extractables and leachables, particulates, flow rates, pressures, disposal, scalability, connection methods, equipment etc. Once all these things are considered there is still a very big question remaining… Who is responsible for securing my single-use supply chain? Should I, the manufacturer of the […]

Lab Filtration Solutions

HarvestClear™ Automated Harvesting Are you looking to maximise filter performance, automate your harvesting process and minimise non productive time spent stood over your process. HarvestClear™ solves all these problems, resulting in a significant increase in filter life expectation through 3 simple settings, initial flow rate, maximum inlet pressure, and minimum flow rate. If combined with […]

Minimise Extractables in Pharma Tubing

  The following is an extract from a white paper by our Partner Saint Gobain on extractables in Biopharm tubing and how they have minimised the levels of TOC’s in the New Generation Sani-Tech® Ultra. For several years, pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals have increasingly stated concerns about material leachables and extractables and their impact on the products they produce. […]

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