Process Automation: What you need to know about Electric Actuators

Have you considered an electric solution that adapts to you?

Electric actuators are a flexible solution in terms of speed, force or positioning. It is precisely that adaptability which is behind our range of electric solutions; where you decide, you choose, but you don’t adapt to them. They adapt to you.

Introducing electric actuators into your process environment can provide benefits such as:

  • improved process control
  • improved consistency
  • increased speed
  • reduced downtime
  • time savings
  • freeing the operator to complete other tasks

Perform any movement, anywhere, in any way you want

Almost any pneumatic movement has its electric version.

Making it possible to transfer, push, pull, lift, rotate, position, align, pick and place, grip or stop workpieces within your process.

Automated pick & place to suit you

Benefit from advanced control functions with remote control, which are easy to set-up and self-learning. Allowing you to move, collect and store samples accurately and safely.

Safe and Secure handling of your product

You can place your trust in our range of actuators, which allow you to accurately manoeuvre and position your equipment, whilst minimising error and downtime.

Maintaining full control of your process

When process quality is paramount, actuators can becombined with sensors to ensure your parameters are met.

Of course, initial investment may appear high. However, automation has been proven to provide rapid return on investment, due to savings in labour costs and deviations in the process.

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BioPharma Dynamics offer a complete service, using our expert technical knowledge to help integrate high-quality, hose and tubing into your process. Together with our hose and tubing, we can offer a range of transfer sets, fittings, bags, bottles and connectors to create a bespoke solution that fully satisfies your process requirements.

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