Single-Use Beta Bags – How to move components into sterile environments

Ensuring product is free from contamination is critical in any aseptic manufacturing process. Whether working with sterile API formulation and production or sterile fluid transfer and aseptic filling – in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, sterility must be maintained at every step to ensure the final product is contaminant-free. Therefore, in a single-use process environment, how do […]

Aseptic transfer made simple – BioPharma Dynamics appointed UK distribution partner for CRL’s isolator transfer systems

BioPharma Dynamics are pleased to enhance their product offering to include the market-leading range of isolation transfer technology from Central Research Laboratories (CRL).  As a leading solutions provider to the UK’s life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, BioPharma Dynamics are proud to announce a new partnership with Central Research Laboratories (CRL), as distributor of their expert […]

Aseptic Connections – Choosing your sterile tubing connection

When it comes to connecting tubing to tanks, single-use bags or manifolds, there are many different options each offering their own benefits. But as we covered in our previous blog, the start point, is to focus on the process itself, not the array of different solutions. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best aseptic connection […]

9 Key Considerations when choosing your Aseptic Connection or Disconnection

When it comes to connecting and disconnecting tubing in an aseptic manner, there are two options to choose – connectors or machines? For connectors; there is a choice between gendered or genderless, also deciding which manufacturer to use? When using welders and sealers, again, the decision to make is which to use? Within this series of […]

Can Distribution Partners offer a secure Single-Use Supply Chain?

When considering single-use solutions there are many different variables to consider, such as extractables and leachables, particulates, flow rates, pressures, disposal, scalability, connection methods, equipment etc. Once all these things are considered there is still a very big question remaining… Who is responsible for securing my single-use supply chain? Should I, the manufacturer of the […]

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