Hollow Fibre Tangential Flow Filtration

Bringing you the most effective crossflow filtration products on the market. 

High product yields

Antifouling and low binding for high product yields

Consistent results

Extremely tight specifications for more consistent batch-to-batch and cartridge-to-cartridge results.

Faster processing

Highly permeable to shorten process time.

Robust Membranes

The unique asymmetric macrovoid-free structure produces a longer service life and a low risk of product loss.

3 Product Lines

Each with unique benefits to meet the needs of your specific application

Green Line

Gamma irradiated, humectant-free and ready to use. No pre-rinsing, cleaning or assembling needed.

Steamer Line

Autoclavable, gamma irradiated, reusable cartridges designed for perfusion and aseptic applications.

ReUse Line

Low binding m-PES membrane enables reliable crossflow, high product flux and easy cleaning.

Scalability Made Easy

Tangential flow filtration designed and made to fit each stage of your process.

Connect Quickly

We can supply solutions to connect your filtration cartridge to tubing and pumps, offering a variety of single-use fittings such as reducers, locking rings, single use pressure sensors, valves and plugs.

Applications for TFF

From concept to completion, how tangential flow filtration can help your application.

Perfusion – Cell Harvest – Clarification – Concentration – Diafiltration

Glycerin Free

Single-Use Line and Reusable Line

Manufactured without humectants, the extractable level of the hollow fiber membranes is 80x less than that of glycerin conditioned membranes. 

No cleaning and rinsing of the cartridges saves time and money by eliminating the need for the use of WFI /purified water.

Want a closer look?

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