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Isolator Transfer Systems

For safe and contained transfer of product or components into or out of isolation, specifically designed for life science applications

Customisable Solutions

With a wide variety of options to suit your process, the isolator transfer systems 
consist of two main components, the alpha assembly and the beta assembly.

Alpha Assembly

The alpha assembly is normally mounted to the cell wall of a contained environment

Beta Assembly

The beta assembly is mobile and connected to a container, bag, or process component.

When the two assemblies are mated, sterile materials can be rapidly transferred in and out of isolation without breaking containment, while maintaining the safety of the product and/or operators.

Alpha Assemblies


Clean Rapid Transfer Ports (CRTP)

For clean, rapid and repeatable transfer into or out of isolation

  • Rapid repeatable transfers without breaking containment
  • Mechanical interlocks to prevent improper port operation
  • 316L Stainless Steel with multiple door options available

Available in 105, 190, 270, 350 sizes

Available with Polypropylene Door, Stainless Steel Door or Liquid Transfer Door

Beta Assemblies

Standard Beta Containers

For safe and contained transport or storage of product, components, samples, and waste.

Autoclavable Beta Containers

For moist heat sterilization of tools and components to be aseptically transferred into isolation.

Sterile Liquid Transfer Ports (SLTP)

For safe, aseptic, cost-effective transfer of sterile liquid from bulk tank into isolation.

Beta Bag Flange

For use with single-use bags, transferring product and components into or out of isolation in sterile environments.

Beta Couplers

For interconnection of isolators or specialty equipment to a fixed alpha flange on another isolator.

Single-Use Beta Bags

A safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aseptic transfer. This single-use system provides contamination-free transfer of sterile components into isolation.

  • Tyvek®, HDPE, PVC and other materials available
  • Available in multiple port and bag sizes
  • Produced in Class 7 Clean Room
  • Autoclaved and gamma sterilizable versions

Glove Ports

Push-Through Glove Ports

Push-Through Glove Port System allows for the interchangeability between gloves and accessories without losing containment or risking the spread of contamination.

The two main components of the system are the glove ring, which mounts to the wall or window and the support ring or accessory that creates a leak-tight compression seal inside the glove ring.

Fixed Glove Ports

Clean, high quality compression fit glove port. Fixed Glove Ports allow operators to change the glove in a controlled manner in an isolator or RABS.

DURABLE™ Glove Sleeve Systems

A DURABLE™ Glove Sleeve System designed to minimize down time and maximize cost savings for life sciences applications.


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